Stop – child @ war

I don’t worry about waking up early, I just worry about waking up alive
I don’t get nightmares, I just live them everyday
I don’t know about bullies, I just known about the bombs and the bullets
I don’t have video games, I just have a gun and a rocket launcher
I don’t go to school, I just go to a war
I don’t miss my friends, I just have way too many enemies
I don’t crawl under the beds, I just crawl under the barb wires
I don’t play the hide and seek game, I just play the sniper game
I don’t go to the doctor for a physical , I just go to fix my wounds
I don’t have any memories, all I’ve are the the scars

These scars are etched on the child’s mind, the child’s body for the rest of lives. Our next generation is holding a gun instead of a pen, making enemies instead of friends, developing hatred instead of love. These wars destroy not just the current generation but also the future


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