the Nameless

I was the most popular kid in the school for I had a name like no one else did, a name like everyone else envied. Thanks to my parents for giving me such a cool name. 

My name preceded my reputation and it do so all the way through high school. People judged my character by my name and always thought I’m a very cool guy because my name was so cool.

 My dad was in the army and although he shielded us from all the moving because of his transfers, this one transfer he couldn’t avoid. He had lost his leg in a rescue operation and he took voluntary retirement and wanted to spend his rest of his life teaching in the village he grew up.

It was the second day in the village, and as I was still recovering from this , when I had a young girl scream for help. It was a cry of help like I had never heard before. I ran out on the street in the direction of the sound, what I saw gave me chills. It was a cold blooded murder of a young girl by 7 young men.

They young men saw me and the next thing I remember is I’m on the ground surrounded by these men with sharp wielding swords held at my neck. I could have been killed the moment they saw me but the only reason they didn’t cut me into pieces was they didn’t know who I was, what my name was?

And I on the other hand was scared to death to even utter my name, the same name that I was so proud of, the same name that made me a hero all through my school life. For the first time in my life I felt I shouldn’t have had a name, I didn’t want to be recognized by name – I wanted to be nameless. And that’s what I said “My name is nameless”. My answer angered them, but they still couldn’t kill me. Before they could force me any further, they ran away seeing a mob approach them.

I ran for my life too.

When I went back home i didn’t return to my family but i returned to their grave. No one was spared. 

After the bloody ordeal, only the people with names of one kind stayed alive. The fact that i was alive, i was assumed to be one of them. My name didn’t matter to them anymore. I dressed like them, I ate like them, i behaved like them and i lived like them. I was living with the same people who were thirsty for my blood because i had a name unlike theirs and yet they took care of me like my family did. 

They even gave me a name which also meat the same as what my family had given me but i chose to be nameless – thats my new identity. I want people to recognize me by character not by my name. 


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