Pratyusha Home in Araku Valley

Request sent by Ganesh Pogula – Palle Srujana
TERDS – A NGO operating in the tribal areas of Araku – Dumbriguda mandals of Visakhapatnam has been doing yeoman service for the last two decades. Four years back it assumed the responsibility of running a home for tribal girls who have no parents -known as Pratyusha Children Home. It is now operating from Araku and is housed in a rented accommodation. Present arrangement is inadequate.
Palle Srujana – a not for profit organization operating from Hyderabad ( supports Pratyusha Home by connecting them with formal society. Some of you must have received my requests for help in the past for this cause. Children were benefited y your generosity then.
TERDS has necessary permission to run the Pratyusha Home for Girls from Dist Collector and also has the certification from
TISS, Mumbai for receiving assistancPratyushaHomee
from PSU/Govt bodies. Tax exemption under 80 G is available for your contribution.
Though we bought an acre of land with the generosity of one donor from US, construction of suitable accommodation had become a non-starter as funds never fetched up. We approached the Project Officer, ITDA, Paderu to allow us to improve the abandoned (for the last over 10 years) Primary health Centre , at Araku for housing these girls children. To the fortune of the girls, they consented and asked us to renovate it asap before they change their mind due to obvious pressures from all corners. They were fully convinced about the genuinity of the purpose and came forward to help the girls.
We have worked out the estimate for making the present dilapidated accommodation suitable for living with minimum costs. The estimate is enclosed.
Though the amount required is Rs 5.21 Lakhs, we wish to raise upto 6 cater for the unexpected.
We pray to your generosity, to contribute the amount as much as you can.If possible within a week. I am sure, collectively all good people in the society will be able to build home for 33 tribal girl children to live in dignity as that of our children.
Contributions can be sent directly to TERDS. Bank details are attached please.
I sincerely hope that your contribution will make a great impact in the daily living standards of the tribal orphan girls @ Pratyush Children Home.
We invite you to visit Pratyusha home at your convenience.
Should you have any queries, kindly revert back to me.
Warm Regards
Brig P Ganesham, VSM (Retd)
President, P

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  1. I am a law student in visakhapatnam..I would like to know if you provide any internship this December.. we would visit your place and also contribute to the ngo… can you tell me if you can provide any internship? Dial 9703311269 if you can.. Thankyou..

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