AppointCIC – SaveRTI – Day I

After a week of unsuccessful attempts at calling MP’s and some very good tweets to the MP’s, the PMO office about the need to appoint CIC, I finally managed to talk to 3 BJP MP’s, the others (Bandaru Dattatreya, Meenakshi Lekhi) didn’t pick up the phone.

I introduced myself as a volunteer with Save RTI campaign

Mr Yeddyurappa: I didn’t know about CIC and I would need to find out and get back.
Me: i asked a follow up question, half way through, the phone was hung up.

Mr Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi: The process to appoint the CIC is underway.
Me: By when do you think the CIC would be appointed
Mr Naqvi: The process is underway and the central government is looking into this
Hung up

Mr Bhupendra Yadav: Tell me, how can I help you
Me: Sir, why hasn’t the CIC been appointed yet
Mr Yadav: Where?
Me: Sir, in India
Mr Yadav: Oh, i don’t know anything about it
Me: Surprised but not shocked and the phone was hung up

Some of the tweets:

saw u wished u cud have also asked to

One more time I hear from your gollective mouths, I swear, I’ll you.

that’s right Mr. Khagre. what role cud the opposition party be expected to play in a democracy?

-RTI is not a personal or party property its a constitutional right don’t tamper with it

-u know better than anyone else the need 4 upholding justice.How about start with not diluting RTI-

You can join the saveRTI campaign and start


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