I am Warren Anderson

Green revolution was the new kid in the block
Pesticides were in demand round the clock
As an owner of the biggest chemical industry I was hovering like a hawk
And the moment I saw an opportunity I was on it like a shark

I chose Bhopal since it was in the middle of no where
Yet it still was in the middle of everywhere
The land was cheap and close to the railway station
Couldn’t have asked for a better location

I set up a plant and I sold the dream of a middle class living
People saw a future in the plant and started relocating
I built on it further and worked to increase the productivity
In the process I ignored the small accidents, took shortcuts and did things beyond my capacity

I lowered the entry barriers for the workers
I cut down on the safety measures and crossed all the borders
Engineers raised concerns, sent reports, filed complaints
But It didn’t matter since I had good relationship with local governments
I was not afraid of getting caught forget about getting punished
Soon enough all hell broke loose and MIC got leaked

Official count said few thousands, unofficially more than 10 thousand died
I still got away since I bought the law and the ministers lied
Despite 30 years since the accident
And despite people still dying a slow death from the incident

Yes I got tired of evading the law
Yes I got tired of defending myself saying blah blah blah
Yes I got tired of pretending to compensate the victims and bribing the officials
And so I finally sold my company to avoid the pressures from the locals

So who am I?

I’m still a free man and my name is Warren Anderson
And I’m not guilty as per the legal definition


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