AppointCIC – SaveRTI – Day II

Of the 8 calls i made to the BJP MP’s, could only manage to talk to Shri Ramen Deka, (M. P.), from Assam. Although the conversation was much better than MP’s who I spoke to on Day I, it was a bit disappointing that there was no sense of urgency.

Me: Sir, i’m a volunteer with SaveRTI campaign and wanted to ask you about appointing CIC

Mr Ramen Deka: I don’t know much about this, the central government will take the decision

Me: Sir, it’s already a month that there has been no CIC and more than 25K applications are pending

Mr Ramen Deka: CIC cannot be appointed without a LOP (Leader of Opposition)

Me: Sir, RTI Act clearly states that the leader of the single largest party in opposition should form the selection panel in the absence of a LOP

Mr Ramen Deka: Like i said, the central government will appoint the CIC

Me: (was happy that the MP at least knew something unlike Day I) – Sir, you seem to more knowledge-full than other MP’s, can you please help push the central government .

A not so convincing Ok from the other side and the end of the conversation

You can join the saveRTI campaign and start

Bhanupriya Rao’s conversation with an MP

I called Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the INC in Lok Sabha. While he was not available to talk, his PS Sivanna, told me why this was the duty of the opposition to ask questions to the Govt. ‘Why don’t you call Jaitley and ravi Shankar Prasad and ask them?’ I had a lengthy but pointless conversation with him on the role of the opposition.


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