AppointCIC – SaveRTI – Day III

Rathwa Ramsingbhai Patalbhai – MP from Gujarat

Me: Sir when do you think the central government will appoint the CIC

MP: I don’t know, it’s upto the Central government

Me: It’s been more than 30 days and more than 25K RTI applications are pending, the more we wait, the more applications will be pending

MP: See, the govt will do it. Sometimes appointments happen early and sometimes they are delayed. If you are sitting in the US are so concerned about CIC, imagine how concerned the central government will be.

Me: That was the hope Sir, that the central govt was concerned but even after 30 days, there is not a word about the CIC and as you know Sir, RTI act is very important, so I request you to urge the central govt to expedite this process

MP: See I’ve faith in the central govt and Mr Modi – he is all for transparency.

Me: Sir, i wish that were true sir, but so far nothing has been done to prove that there will be enough done to ensure transparency. Starting from the PM website to RTI, it has been anything but transparent and hence the request sir – please raise this in the parliament

MP: There won’t be any need to do that because even before i raise anything, i’m sure CIC will be appointed.

Me: I said thank you and hung up

You can join the saveRTI campaign and start


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