AppointCIC – SaveRTI – Day IV

Day IV of the Call-A-Thon was a rather dull affair

Spoke to 3 MP’s

I had spoken to Yedurappa on Day I, he said, he didn’t know anything and wanted me to call back later. So i did call today and when i asked him about CIC

Yedurappa: I don’t know when Central govt will appoint the CIC and i’ve been in my constituency, so i really don’t know
Me: Sir this is a really important issue also impacting the people in your constituency, so i request you to take it up with the central govt

Yogi Adityanath: I dont know when Central govt will appoint the CIC
Me: Don’t you think it’s an important issue that needs to be taken up urgently
Yogi Adityanath: Hangs the phone

I’ve been playing phone tag for a very long time (since Call-A-Thon for SaveRTI1.0). Only got to speak once but after that all i could do was speak to his secretary.

One thing that is evident is that be it congress or BJP, they will also talk about transparency/accountability but will never do anything to ensure that that’s done. And if we don’t ask either, then they have no reason to think otherwise forget about doing otherwise

You can join the saveRTI campaign and start


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