The everyday heroes

Hero#1 – Lalitha: She has a full time job, lives with her parents and has a normal lifestyle. By normal I mean, she has her own share of family responsibilities, obligations, issues – personal and professional but what isn’t normal is her obligation and responsibility towards the society.

So consider this: In the wake of recent floods, when everyone thinks of donating to help the victims, she would rally a whole community, she would go talk to the corporates, the universities, the schools, the colleges, the neighbors, she would talk to everyone and get them to do something more than just the one off donation. She recently helped coordinate 2 tons worth medicines from Hyderabad to JFK.

Now anyone even remotely involved with such activities could vouch this is no easy challenge. From getting the permissions from the government authorities to getting clearance to coordinating the logistics, she does it all. But never did she show any signs of slowing down, any signs of frustration, any signs of despair instead she always tried to find alternatives when hit with road blocks and kept moving forward.

Now that she is done with this flood relief efforts, she moved to another project – bringing all NGOs fighting on a particular cause to come together and benefit from each other’s experiences and learnings.

Hero#2 – Rajesh: He changed his last name, at least unofficially, since he didn’t want to be tied to any caste, religion or community.

A few years ago, in a tragic accident, he lost his father. The chain of events that followed after his fathers untimely death, could have adversely affected anyone’s future but not his. Instead he turned all his bad experiences into learnings that he shared with others. He taught and inspired others how to fight for their rights. But in all this he never forgot his obligations towards his family, he worked hard to support them financially.

So consider this: Imagine after a long day, when you are riding back home on a lonely night, you come across an old lady aimlessly wandering on the road. May be give her some money, may be call the police, may be ignore her completely or may be the combination of things. My hero stopped his bike, spoke to her, understood her situation and arranged a place to live. When she told him about her jobless 30 something son, he spent a good part of the next day in finding a job for him.

I almost forgot, he is appearing for civil services in a months time but nothing stops him for fulfilling his obligations towards the society.

Hero#3 – Ali

He trains young graduates, helps them with personality development, improve their soft skills and the surprising thing is that he is not even a graduate. Just goes on to show that real education teaches how to live not how to earn to survive and he got the real education not from the school but from his own life.

Socially he is an activist and inspires many with his sincere effort at addressing social issues. From taking on the police for their illegal activities to fighting local issues of bad roads, and street lights to fighting corruption at various levels in the government to raising his voice against the media, against the politicians against anyone who is on the wrong side of the law. And all this with a very demanding job.


Everyday heroes:
They are the everyday heroes, because they do the most everyday things like anyone of us, and yet they go the extra mile to do their bit in fulfilling their obligation towards the society. They have, at a very young age, overcome their travails, learn to fight whats wrong, learn to fix whats broken and in the process inspire others. Heroes are not in the books and certainly not in the reel life, they are in our real lives living amongst us.

There are many more such heroes in their circle of friends but I got a chance to interact with a few and surely all of them have had a lasting impact on me. I drew inspiration from their experiences, from their exuberance, from their sincere efforts in doing their bit as their responsibility but not as a charity and I only wish they grow in leaps and bounds and become only more stronger.


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