Dam’n’ the Dibang Dam

the Speed with which the projects are being cleared by the environment ministry, i wish they publish the details around these approvals with the same speed and with some added sincerity

the Dibang Dam – was rejected twice in the past 6 years since the foundation was first laid out, now has been cleared out after a letter that was sent by the principal secretary on Sep 3rd to expedite the clearance process.

So i called the principal secretary to the PM, obviously i couldn’t get hold off him, but i spoke to his secretary

After the routine introduction, he asked me what this call was about

Me: Want to know where I could find the details around the urgency in which this project was asked to be cleared?
Secretary to Secretary: We don’t direct the environment ministry, we just do what the PM wants us to do. Please follow up with the Ministry of Environment and Forest clearance

Me: I did write to them many days ago and no response. I also lodged a complaint today, how long do you suggest i should wait for their response
Secretary to Secretary: It’s the ministry, they have lots of work, please wait for them to respond

Me: When MoEF can clear such a big project within such a short span, i’m sure they can even give me the details as to why the project was expedited in such a hurry
Secretary to Secretary: Please fax your letter to the principal secretary and I will let the principal secretary know about this.


This is the fax number: 23016857(FAX)
Below is the content of the letter if anyone wants to fax the letter

Dear Mr Nripendra Misra.

As per the media, you in your capacity as the principal secretary to the PM had asked the Ministry of Environment and Forest to expedite the clearance for the Dibang Dam. Its in this context, that I’m writing to you. Sir can you please kindly help clarify

1) What was the urgency around the clearance of the project given that it was rejected twice and had grave environmental concerns?

2) Can you please direct the MoEF to please publish the details of the approval process online?

3) Can you please direct the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation to publish the details?

4) Also please direct the MoEF to publish the approval and other procedures to be published online for all the project that had been cleared thus far and also going forward.


Suresh Ediga


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