India – the criminal reformer

After successfully demonstrating how to reform a criminal in india i.e. by allowing the criminal to be part of the mainstream politics and their by legalizing all the criminal activities in the past – he/she can now look forward to a successful career in politics.

Now we have gone international and led the way in reforming international criminals. Let me be more specific

Demonstration of Bhopal gas victims in New  Delhi

photo credit:

Treat everyone with dignity:
Warren Anderson came to India 4 days after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
He was not arrested but held in the company’s guest house, of course, under police protection – See even if he was a criminal our Govt treated him with great dignity upholding the basic human rights

Granting the last wish:

Anderson new very well that the trip to India could mean he would only leave India for his last rites. But he made a deal before making that trip that he should be allowed to go back to US and the government obliged by taking him into Delhi in a private jet, thus granting him what could have been his last wish

And the Midas touch:

What better way to reform a criminal than to make the criminal live in fear i.e. the unsuccessful attempts to extradite Anderson by our incompetent and spineless governments. Anderson was never seen in public life and he lived an anonymous life, so much so that, even his death was not announced by his family.

Witness protection:

It is no secret that a secret call was made to the then Chief Minister of MP to allow a safe passage for Mr Anderson. Now this secret was kept so secret, pretty much, all the people who had any direct connection with this died permanently burying the secret. Of course, the intelligence bureau can easily dig these secrets even from the grave, but they have so much respect for the law, that they will honor the witness protection act in every sense. They will never do any investigation to unearth the real facts no matter how damaging this secret can be.

So we’ve got dignity for criminals, we become their Santa Claus, we become their priest/the prophet/the pope and finally we go to any extent to protect the witness. No wonder India has earned itself the title of “A criminal friendly” country where criminals can hope to

  • reform and rehabilitate
  • remove the social stigma of being a criminal
  • revive their life

If there was a category to nominate countries for Nobel prize, in any category for their exemplary achievement India would, hands down, win it in criminal reforms, both national and international.


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