Religion by birth or Religion by choice

My date of birth wasn’t known until the day I happened

but my religion was decided when I was conceived

It didn’t stop there
I hardly learned how to play
I was already taught how to pray
I was introduced to my first god
even before i crawled
It didn’t stop there
I now know I never grew into religion
I was born into religion
It didn’t stop there
I finished school and was ready for higher studies
I was given a choice to chose from a variety of courses
when i asked the choices for religion
I was told this was not in our tradition
It didn’t stop there
I was cautioned not to talk to an ‘outsider’
I was warned against being friendly with a ‘non believer’
I was threatened for my life for loving a ‘betrayer’
I was eventually forced into marrying an ‘insider’
It didn’t stop there
My kid was born into my religion and ….
I don’t want religion to be forced but want a chance to learn it
I don’t want someone to preach religion, i want to embrace it
I don’t want my religion to be superior, i want all religions to be equal

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