GharVapsi – the home coming that really matters


Bring back all the kids who were forced into human trafficking and child labor
Bring back all the people who were displaced in the name of development
Bring back all those farmers who lost hope and abandoned farming
Bring back all the criminals in the parliament to behind the bars
Bring back all the tribals who are languishing in the jails of chattisgarh
Bring back all the babies who were abandoned because they were girls
Bring back the dignity and respect for everyone and ensure discrimination for none
Bring back all those who lost their healthy livelihood in the aftermath of the Bhopal gas tragedy
Bring back all those people to their homes that were destroyed by the floods
Bring back all the people responsible for the riots to justice
Bring back basic health care to people
Bring back basic and quality education to the kids
And there is a whole bunch of other things to bring back .. But this is a good list and hope you get the drift and while you are at it
Bring back sanity and dignity to the parliament
If after all this Mr Minister if you don’t have anything else to do, then you can sit down and think which religion your forefathers belonged to and worry about #GharVapsi


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