No more jumping in the puddle

‪#‎IndiaWithPakistan‬ ‪#‎PeshawarAttack‬
They jump in the puddle
They bounce on the bed
They draw on the walls
They drop food on the floor
They run on the roads
They shout in the classrooms

Their laughter makes us happy
Their crying makes us sad
Their stubbornness makes us angry
Their achievements makes us proud
Their existence makes us complete

and now they are GONE

their bright uniform has turned blood red
their laughter has turned dead silence
their stubbornness has succumbed to the gun shots

and now that they are GONE
there would be

no more jumping in the puddle
no more bouncing on the bed
no more drawing on the walls
no more dropping food on the floors
no more running on the roads
no more shouting in the libraries

their non-existence is a bloody red alert
and way beyond the grim reminders and warnings

Heartless are those who carry out such killings
and so are those who are indifferent to these killings
They repeat these mindless actions
only because of the spineless reactions or the repeated inactions
this is not a problem of any one religion
this is a problem despite the religion
this is not a problem across the borders
this is a problem beyond the borders

and with a gut wrenching pain in the stomach and a lump in the throat, this post is my shameful admission of helplessness to do anything concrete about this situation other than cribbing on the wall


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