Stop Acid Attacks – Regulate Acid Sales

Had to wake up early, but couldn’t sleep well last night
I’m a bit disturbed these days and am constantly in fight

In the morning I looked in the mirror, no not to put the bindi on my face
instead to cover it well so no one can trace

I walk out into a busy street, there are people to my left and people to my right
But I just keep it to myself and keep walking straight

I wait at the bus stop, when both young and old, men and women
Stare at me with fear and stay away from me as if I’m a bad omen

I get off the bus, go to an employment exchange in search of a job
Same response as before, no vacancy and am asked not to try but just to sob

Disappointed I turned back, amidst all the stare and all the hate
I don’t understand why everyone curses me and tells me that it’s my fate

An insecure and incompetent individuals act of throwing acid on me
Will not deter me nor crush me, but yes it did slow me

I don’t need a sympathizer, just not a discriminator
I’m an acid attack survivor and I’m still a fighter

A bottle of acid is available at dirt cheap price in every and nook corner of the road even though it’s banned. So can we please start with preventing acid from being sold at least in our own neighborhood. Of course sensitization or the lack of it is further traumatizing the survivors, we can definitely do something definitely not simply blog and/or like on FB

‪#‎StopAcidAttacks‬ ‪#‎ActAgainstAcidAttacks‬

India’s Supreme Court has ordered federal and state governments to regulate the sale of acid in an attempt to reduce attacks on women (an estimated 1000 attacks happen each year.

Attach are the guidelines but the gist is to regulate the sale of acid
1) Maintain a register with all the entries corresponding the date of sale, purchase details etc.
2) Ask for some photo ID (age proof)
3) Reason for the acid sale

Its been almost 1.5 years, these guidelines haven’t been followed by the state – whats the proof?

Well I had been working with friends in Hyd to conduct an unofficial survey. Rajesh just walked in and walked out with the acid,he wasn’t asked any questions by the shopkeeper.

If each one of us can conduct such surveys to dig out whether the stores in just our neighborhood are following these guidelines, then we can use the survey results to confront the Sub District Magistrate or even the local MLA’s, MP’s to get these basics implemented.

So if anyone can please conduct this locally, then please comment and also please help share to create more awareness about this.AcidSale


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