On The Wall


It’s brutal cold in here, almost -13 degrees Celsius, thankfully I got winter clothing to protect me – spare a thought who can’t afford to buy them

I get off the bus and walk very fast to get home, thankfully, it’s with central heating – spare a thought who don’t have a home to go to

The kids at home give me a heroes welcome everyday, thankfully they also enjoy a worry free childhood – spare a thought for all the children who are denied their very childhood

We all enjoy a good meal, thankfully, we have enough food for all – spare a thought for all those who sleep hungry everyday

Spare a thought for all those farmers who produce the food grains but can’t afford to eat them

These and many more little things, is what we take for granted but they are the very things most people struggle for their entire life.

A little while ago – I told my daughter about the idea called “On The Wall”. I had read about this somewhere, I just changed it a little bit and told her.

She reminded my today if I had shared my idea with my friend and so I’m sharing it today

When we buy those expensive clothes, we put aside a few bucks as if we want to buy clothes for those who can’t

When we celebrate with our loved ones, we put aside a few bucks as if we include those who are homeless

When we go to an expensive restaurant, we put aside a few bucks as if we are buying lunch for the hungry

And so on so forth. When we put aside this money this way and before we realize we would end up with money we all could spare to help those for whom life has become an everyday struggle

And the most important part when we put something on the wall, we share it on the Facebook wall, so everyone knows about it and in a way reminds others and encourage them to do the same.

Good begets good.



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