From the house of “Lie” ministers – not “Law” ministers

Once upon a time in the year 2000 at a place called the parliament. (source:

A concerned minister asked another concerned minister – “What is the total quantum of fruits and vegetables spoiled every year due to inadequate facilities of storage, transportation and marketing”?

The other minister responds “As per the Report of the Sub-Working Group on Post Harvest Management, Marketing and Exports for the Ninth Plan, it is estimated that the losses vary between 8 to 37 per cent in various crops in different stages after harvest”

The Concerned minister goes on to add that the following schemes will be implemented to strengthen the post-harvest management infrastructure:

  • Construction and Expansion/Modernization of Cold Storages/Storages for Horticulture produce; and
  • Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production & Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Products

Once upon a time in the year 2014 (source: , yet another concerned minister asks yet another concerned minister the exact same question and actually a bit more

Not surprisingly enough he gets the exact same answer

And year after year, the naive farmer votes with the hope the cold storage will be built and the fruits/vegetables that were grown will not dumped in the dumpster anymore. The cold storage will be built, there will be better transportation

  • if not this season, may be, by the next season
  • if not this year, may be, by the next year
  • if not this minister, may be the next minister will do something
  • if not this government, may be the next government will do something

And when nothing happens after years and years of false promises – the farmer takes the extreme step.


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