When the farmer met the sprayer

The economics of the solar sprayer

Price: 5500 rupees
Features: Noise free, pollution free, healthy, very economical since it uses free fuel
1) helps the innovator, Mallesham earn more income for him and his family
2) Mallesham created employment for other people – he mostly hires women
3) For the farmer, the end user, all the money he saves can be used for other purposes or that’s just goes back to the savings account

And how did the two meet – the farmer and the solar sprayer

I took a one week trip to India last October. Since I was short on time, I wasn’t really sure about executing my plan to introduce the grass root innovations to the end user; in this case the farmer

Luckily for me it worked out and Vijay Kumar garu obliged. Took him to the Palle Srujana office and introduced him to this solar sprayer among other things.

He liked all the innovations but nothing concrete happened.

A month went by and when I didn’t hear anything, I called vijay garu and said I want to send this sprayer as a new year gift.

It took another 3 weeks for the whole thing to work out and finally when he got it, he demoed it to other farmers. The reaction was of immense happiness and joy.

The local newspapers covered it and farmers from near by villages started enquiring.

So far 8 orders have been placed with in a week or two and hope more would follow.

I’m delighted, no doubt, but would have been more delighted if such innovations get highlighted, promoted, scaled and make them available in a much more methodical way where the sprayer doesn’t need an individual to connect but rather is available in the market but until then we do what we can 🙂

So if you know anyone who could make use of this, please write an email to president@pallesrujana.org

Thanks to Palle Srujana for bringing these innovations to the forefront

P.S: Vijay Kumar is an organic farmer, a folk singer and a community leader. He uses the sprayer to spray the sanjeevani rasaayam (organic manure)



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