India Against Land Exploitation -Call your MP – Day I

The below conversation was the 7th MP i had called, but due to the interesting conversation, moving up the order 🙂

Me: Sir, what do you think of ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition Act
MP7: It’s anti farmer and pro companies
Me: (Pleasantly surprised :-). Very true sir, so why was the act even amended through the ordinance
MP7: There has been a lot of debate within the party and some senior leaders even opposed. But this time i’m very confident that the amendments will be done to the bill to bring back the clauses
Me: That will be great Sir, why can’t you also talk about this openly in the media so your voice can be heard
MP7: I’m a long time MP and part of the party that passed this ordinance. I don’t agree with that so i will discuss this internally within the party but can’t go out. If i was in opposition, it would have been different
Me: Sir, you are the first MP who i spoke to has openly admitted. Thank you. Also would you like to join our campaign – it will be a big boost to our campaign
MP7; Laughs and says, i will do what i can
Me: Sir, can you please advice which MP’s we could talk to or who can influence the party
MP7: BJP has lot of 1st time MP’s who don’t have enough knowledge of the land acquisition. I would suggest you talk to Murali Manohar joshi, Susham Swaraj, Advani et all.
Me: I did try sir, but only got their VM, but thank you very much for you time. Please don’t mind if i call you again to seek advice regarding the campaign
MP7: Ok Ok.

I can’t disclose the name of the MP7 as requested by him

10997048_10153141350348293_1931782309_n (1)

MP Adityanath – MP2

Me: Sir, Regarding the Ordinance to amend the land acquisition act, through which some very critical clauses were removed, what is your reaction to this?
MP2: I will see, whatever needs to be said, i will say it in the Parliament
Me: Sir, why haven’t you said anything until now
MP2: Hangs up
Agrawal,Shri Rajendra – MP3

The MP3 didn’t answer the call, but 10 minutes later called back.

Me: Sir, your take on the ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition Act

MP3: Long pause and then hangs up

Ahlawat,Smt. Santosh  – MP4

MP4: Not reachable

Ashwini Kumar,Shri – MP5

MP5: Left a message with the PA

Kirti Azaad – MP6
PA to the MP5: What is the call about?
Me: Regarding the ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition Act, wanted to know what the MP’s reactions were, since some very critical clauses were removed.
PA: Are you from any media?
Me: No, am part of a campaign
PA: Ok, will give the message, but you call between 9:00 and 10:00am tomorrow
Baheria,Shri Subhash Chandra – MP6
Me: Sir, what do you think of ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition Act
MP: It hasn’t been passed in the parliament yet
Me; Yes Sir, the bill hasn’t been passed. but what do you think of the ordinance and the clauses that were removed
MP: Hangs up

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