India Against Land Exploitation – Call Your MP – Day II

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Sharadkumar Maruti: MP1

I sincerely thanked the MP for talking patiently and engaging in a debate for a little over 10 minutes

Me: Sir, what is your take on the ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition Bill?

MP1: (After enquiring my background) yes the ordinance was important because imagine some investors come and they want to invest. Now the govt. need to provide the land for the investors. They can either acquire the land by taking the permission or acquire without the permission. The removal of 70% clause was to encourage more investments and investors.

Me: Sir, if you remove the 70% clause and remove the environment assessment, how would you know whether you are putting the environment at risk or not.

MP1: Yes, thats what lot of people are opposing

Me: And what about the fertile land, why acquire the fertile land?

MP1: See, the farmer will be compensated with a very good price. Imagine a farmer owns 5 acres of land and his land is acquired, then he would get 50 crores for this land, which he can use to buy to more fertile land else where.

Me: But sir, where would there be no more fertile lands left to buy since all these lands would have been acquired.

MP1: (laughs) there will be fertile lands which the farmer can buy and make even more money. He gave an example of an old lady who didn’t even know she had a land which was acquired. The MP himself gave her 5 crores of money, which the old lady put in the bank, since she doesn’t know what to do with the money.

Me: Sir, why only the fertile lands owned by the farmers, why not the lands owned by the politicians also for e.g. in Maharashtra there are acres of lands owned by the politicians, why not acquire those?

MP1: I can’t comment on that, no comments

Me: Thank you for your time, much appreciated

MP1: Thank you for calling, these are some important questions

 Babul Supriyo – MP2

Me: Sir, what is your view on the ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition bill

MP2: I’m heading to the parliament now, the bill was be discussed today. Please text me tomorrow and we can talk.

Me: Thank you (accordingly sent a message on whatsapp)

For more details:

To call the MP’s and other instructions:


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