Indian farmer league hits a century

I never understood why anyone batting (referring to cricket) in their 90’s be so nervous? After all if they got to the 90, it’s just a matter of adding another 10? What is it in the 90’s, that takes away their ability to be their natural self? Why are the 90’s called the nervous 90’s?

Well, this past week, I understood why? No, not because I was batting in the 90’s, but it was because of the Indian Farmer League which got to the 90 donors. It got to the nervous 90’s sometime last week and ever since I have been anything but calm. I kept checking my email for any notifications of a new donation – early in the morning, late in the night, when I was around my kids and my wife and when I was alone commuting to work, I would constantly think about reaching the elusive 100 donors.


Growing up cricket was a big part of my childhood. I watched cricket and actually played a lot more cricket. I always admired Rahul Dravid how when under pressure, he would would take a short walk away from the wickets to get his focus back. Exactly what I did – I left the phone behind and walked away from it, stopped checking my emails.

Remembered how Tendulkar would often just keep rotating strike by taking singles in the 90’s. Exactly what I did – tried to just focus on getting the next donor and the next donor and the next. It took some time but the Indian Farmer League got to 99 – Kris Srikanth would always get out at 99 trying to reach 100 with a magnificent boundary.

A few days went by and still there was no sign of the 100th donor. It was like Kumble when he took all 9 wickets and was trying hard to get the 10th wicket. Kumble kept at it, bowling consistently and everyone in the team backed him up and there it was – the 10th wicket was never that priceless. Kumble was ecstatic and so was the team.

And then it happened – just like how Sehwag gets to his 100 in style by hitting a six on 99. We did exactly this. We got to the 100th donor and with the 100th donation, we also crossed 3 lakhs  – 3,10,381 lakhs to be precise.

Now that Indian Farmer League reached a big milestone, we can breathe a sigh of relief but guess what, the game of cricket has changed a lot and especially with the latest Chris Gayle blizzard, there is no reason why Indian Farmer League can’t aspire to break this record.

Unfortunately there is where the parallel between cricket and what we are trying to do, ends. No more dramatization and when the reality hits, it hits hard. Will the 3 lakhs or for that matter, even 10 lakhs won’t solve the underlying problems. But we got to start somewhere, we have to make an effort to take on this problem head on and at a minimum help those on the ground to help make a difference. So this is just the beginning of a long road ahead.

Why do we need to play for the Indian Farmer League?


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