India Against Land Exploitation – Call Your MP – Day III

  • Dr Sanjeev Balan: MP1 – Spoke to the PA and left a message
  • Anju Bala: MP2 – Number not reachable
  • Basonde Maruti: MP3 – No answer
  • Shri Bodh Singh: MP4 – No answer
  • Bhaleram Dharambir: MP5
    • Me: Sir, what is your view of the ordinance to amend the land acquisition act
    • MP5: See there are couple of things
      • 4 times the land value same as the UPA govt.
      • If its a public sector undertaking and if there are any issues for e.g loans etc, how can the land be returned in the 5 years.
    • Me: What if this land is private undertaking such as hospitals etc
    • MP5: This clause is only applicable for the public projects
    • MP5: Lastly, most of the CM’s of the states have opposed the land acquisition bill
    • Me: Sir, you listened to all the CM’s and acted on, but no one listened to the farmers
    • MP5: Hung up on me
  • Dr Subhash Ramrao: MP6 – No answer


To call and participate in the campaign:


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