India Against Land Exploitation – Call Your MP – Day IV

CallYourMpPoster  ReportCardFeb26th


Chaudhary,Shri Babulal MP2:

MP2: There is some opposition to the ordinance, i think the wrong message is being sent

Me: So you think, the ordinance to amend the law, was a good decision

MP2: I don’t think so, but all these things can’t be discussed over phone

Me: Sir, just say one thing, why you think otherwise?

MP2: hangs up

Chaudhary,Shri MP6:

MP6: (After the who are you, why are you calling, where are you from) How did you get my number?

Me: Sir, its on the Loksabha website

MP6: Why did you choose me?

Me: Sir, i’ve been calling MP’s about this ordinance and you were next on the list

MP6: Ok, so here is my take. I believe the ordinance was necessary. The 70% or 80% compensation would mean no acquisition can happen. Moreover the compensation of the land has been fixed @ 4 times the market price (it should be the average of the 3 years, the courts are also very competent to fix this price). The ordinance was also very necessary since there were some clauses under which the compensation was not given and by removing those clauses and bringing everyone under the same umbrella, we made sure everyone will be compensated justly. This would be very beneficial for the farmers as well

Me: Sir, can you explain, how taking away the land from the farmers be beneficial in the long run

MP6: See, they will be compensated 4 times the market price

Me: This will only cover the land owner, how about all those landless labors working on the farm land and sometimes the farm land is leased out but its the one is working on it, how would that farmer be compensated

MP6: Since that will be taken care of the rehabilitation process. There will be new industries, infrastructure projects, which will help them

Me: Isn’t there a danger of reducing our farm lands and reducing the dependency on agriculture, because even the fertile land is taken away

MP6: See, fertile land is different. It will be only touched under extreme circumstances. But yes, fertile lands should not be touched.

Me: Thank you for your time. Much appreciated

Chauhan, Shri Devusinh Jesingbhai MP8:

No one really understands Ordinance, everyone is playing politics about the ordinance. First and foremost, the interest of farmers is BJP’s priority. Private projects cannot acquire the land without the farmers consent, its only the public projects which are beneficial for the country and the majority of the people and that too, after 80% of their consensus, will be acquired.

Me: But Sir, the 80% clause has been removed

MP8: (Stumbled a bit) and said yes i meant its beneficial for everyone and the farmer will also be compensated 4 times. BJP will never hurt the farmer and in fact, right now the bill will be presented in the parliaments, suggestions will be sought. Its not to say BJPs bill is right and we are ready to do course correction.

Your concern for the farmers is very much appreciated, so please keep in touch. I request you to kindly listen the entire debate in the parliament on the bill and we can touch base again after the debate. If even at that point, you have any suggestions/comments, please let us talk then.

Me: Thank you for your time, will definitely be in touch

Chaudhary,Shri Birendra Kumar MP3: Number switched off

Chandel,Kunwar Pushpendra Singh MP1 – No Response

Chaudhary,Shri C.R. MP4: left a message with the PA

Chaudhary,Shri Haribhai Parthibhai MP5: Number switched off

Chaudhary,Shri Pankaj MP7: Number switched off




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