Looking for farmers – An ad

FarmerAdGetting worried about the farming crisis, an elected official (elected officials don’t usually worry about this) was asking the assistant how they can get more people to adopt farming.

The assistant simply said – we can create an advertisement in all
leading news papers in all local languages. The official agreed it’s a good idea and asked the assistant to prepare the ad. When the assistant was done with the ad the official understood why the farming situation is turning into a crisis but not an opportunity.

And the ad goes

Looking for a hard working individual who
Should be willing to toil hard in the sun, get drenched in the rain
Should work 7 days a week
Should be prepared to just eat once a day
Should be enterprising and innovative
Should have the following management skills
–> seed management
–> soil management
–> crop management
–> pest management
–> weather management
–> water management
–> money management
–> price management
–> market management
Should be willing to act ignorant despite having all the above management skills
Should be willing to work without any appreciation
Should forgo any career growth ambitions
Should sign a contract to never go on a strike

Should be willing to part with the land

Should be willing to work without any insurance – health insurance, crop insurance none of them


Most importantly the individual should be willing to work without a salary every now and then



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