Its now time for IndiasSon

The below details are as horrific and as disturbing as the rape offenders statements in the banned documentary “IndiasDaughter”. Its time to look at the real problem – IndiasSon

Its not like the govt. isn’t doing anything. It created more awareness about this issue by banning the documentary, a very cost effective way of creating awareness and also by providing various reports to gather the statistics.

  1. There was an 873.3% increase from 2487 in 1971 to 24,206 in 2011
  2. In 84–89% of the rape cases in the years 2002–04, the victim knew the offenders.
  3. In 9% cases, the offender was the father, family member, or close relative, highlighting the prevalence of incestuous and child sexual abuse.
  4. Despite the high incidence of VAW, reporting is rare and conviction rates for reported cases, abysmally low; conviction rate for cruelty by husband was 19.2% and 25.5% each for dowry and rape.
  5. Children’s vulnerability to physical abuse is exposed in the grim statistics of child rapes that have increased from 2532 cases in 2002 to 4026 cases in 2005.
  6. Offenders were known to the victims in 92.9% of Rape cases (22,549 out of 24,270).

Incidence of Rape crimes from 1971 to 2011






Total number of cases pending during the year 2012 across all the states in India






Status of the cases in the court







Age wise breakdown of the victims






 Offenders relation and proximity to rape victims







Here is what we all can do:



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