Rs 255 and Rs 144 the maximum average daily wage rate of the agricultural labor

By Category

Number of agriculture labors and cultivators when compared to the total workers



Average daily wage rate of the agriculture labor



Maximum and Minimum average daily wage rate for children, women and men






The annual wage reports are being published very diligently by the labor department. There is a lot of effort thats put into sourcing this data, compiling and presenting this data in a human readable format. Unfortunately, just like any other govt. report, all this effort is just being reduced to mere number crunching exercise. At best, this information will be tabled during the Q&A sessions on the floor of the parliament that is if and when our esteemed law makers get a break from the name calling, the squabbling, the chair wrestling, not to forget about their dark sense of humor and any other perfectly legitimate parliamentary affairs.

These numbers and statistics, if anyone is paying attention, are asking questions. Questions such as

  • Why is it even after all these years, well digging, which is extremely labor intensive and a rather risky endeavor, would fetch the maximum daily wage? Why can’t the govt. based on this information introduce technology to dig the wells?
  • Why can’t the agriculture labor be introduced to the latest and greatest technologies?
  • How can anyone possibly support their entire family with an average monthly income of Rs3000?
  • Or does the fact that the agriculture labor is earning more than 20 or 30 rupees the govt. claims as what defines the below poverty line, the agriculture labor is in a better situation?

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