the alternative for land acquisition

Here is another alternative to land acquisition. If the idea is to increase economic activity, increase employment opportunities, improve the living standards – then why not look at exploiting the agriculture industry.


So yes govt. did admit that agriculture has become unviable – the GDP of agriculture has been decreasing consistently for the past 50 years, it dropped from an all time high of 55.1% to 17.0%. But if you look at the number of agriculture labors and cultivators together, the number has been increasing.


And as per the official labor data, agriculture itself has lot of operations that have a huge potential for manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, meteorology, renewable energy, computerization etc.

  • Manufacturing – Great need for customized machines to help with ploughing, sowing, weeding, winnowing, well digging
    Infrastructure – lack of cold storage to building better connectivity from the field to the market, better transportation
    Technology – drip irrigation without utilizing power, solar based innovations
    Meteorology – the weather plays a very important role but unfortunately there is not enough information available for the farmers to take preemptive measures or adopt alternatives
    Computerization/Automation – From tracking market prices to maintaining soil health records, weather patterns etc
  • The potential is unlimited – the sector with maximum workforce can be revived to be the biggest contributor in terms of the GDP. So acquire land to help agriculture and the farmers not drive the farmers out of agriculture

Or may be this isn’t that simple and i’m just being unbelievably naive.



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