Alternative to Land Acquisition – Agriculture makes its case

(d) whether India`s share in export of foodgrains and agricultural/farm products is not significant and is very low in comparison with other products;

The above was one of the questions asked in the lower house the parliament as part of a multi part question. The industry and commerce minister responded to this question and said






The answer also had some statistics which are presented below

The total amount of exports in crores during the year 2013 – 2015 was 1 lakh 32 thousand nine hundred and eighty three crores (1,32,983 crores)






The total agriculture products exported during the year 2013 – 2015 was 43,691,425 Metric Tons.







As per the WTO International Trade Statistics 2014, India ranks 6th among the leading exporters of agricultural products (tabled in the parliament)

Truly a Make in India endeavor thats deep rooted in the most rural villages of India. Nothing stopping us from becoming the number 1 country in the world. This is despite the fact that agriculture is the most neglected sector in India. The farmers have shown what they can do with grit, determination and a little bit of govt. help. The Make in India can truly take off if the roaring industrial lion can make way for the majestic agricultural tiger (the tiger is already an endangered species the other still has hope)



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  1. Industrial sector in India is far more productive than agriculture. Industry provides lot better wages than average return from agriculture. Further, agricultural sector contributes to the most distress related suicides than any other industrial sector. I wonder how this celebrated activist is advocating for industry to give way to agriculture. If anything, more people should move away from farming, and farm consolidation has to increase to increase farm productivity. India now has sufficient tax revenues to provide financial relief and social security to ailing farmers or to arrange for alternative sources of livelihood that can provide better returns.

    Take my example, I have migrated to US and working in high paying services sector. I like farming but farming cannot provide me the same return to sufficiently compensate for my skill set and education. I am only being rational here. Why don’t we wish the same for our farmers, at least for the next generation of would be farmers not to be left to their fate forced into distress farming? Why not we strive to bring access to quality public education and mid-day meals to every rural household? Why can’t we strive to make possible public delivery systems that are clean and effective – be it ration, subsidies, pension or other subsistence payments? Why don’t we bat an eyelid when scare tax revenues are being dwindled away by corrupt bureaucracy and middlemen? Why this romanticization of farmers and their poverty? Poverty and farming were never their choice.. they were instead thrust upon them.

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