Yes we can and together we definitely can

Be it the issues related to farmers, be it education, be it women empowerment, be it flood relief, be it providing midday meals to Govt. schools, be it working with govt. authorities, be it weavers issues, be it rural innovations, be it campaigns, be it protests – whatever may be the issue, there is always something that can be done to help make a difference, help bring the change, however small that may be.

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The real power of education is when it can be used to empower others by way of creating opportunities for others. No matter where we are, no matter who we are, we can all come together to create those opportunities.

And no this is not just for the sake of saying, this is actually, what we have done, in the last so many years. The list is actually quite long but the intention is really to highlight and remind us that there is a huge potential in each one of us and when we work as a team, as one unit, the potential and the possibilities just multiply. This work is not limited to a particular state, or people who speak a particular language or people who belong to a particular country, this is above and beyond all these limitations, restrictions and divisions. We did this for one and only one reason – as a responsibility towards the society we live in, we do whatever is possible within our own capacity and NOT as the seven letter word which has the alphabets c h a r i t y in it.

Disaster relief:

  • Sponsoring solar lamps for Hudhud victims was to provide immediate
  • Sponsoring Midday meal program for an entire year for govt school kids
  • Sponsoring solar lamps to flood victims in Meghalaya
  • Providing logistical and financial help for flood victims in Kurnool
  • Providing logistical and financial help to Nepal earthquake victims
  • Helping with Sandy clean up – we made 11 trips to Rochester NY and help with community garden, clean up, renovation, repair, electrical wiring etc.


  • Sponsoring kids education – still an ongoing project
  • Providing financial assistance for higher studies
  • Providing financial assistance to construct home of kids with no parents
  • Providing financial help to other homes taking care of the kids
  • Help build websites and other material


  • Help buy Asu machines which help automate some aspects of the saree making
  • Help create a silk bank
  • Help connect the weavers directly to the customers to maximize the profits
  • Create a working model as a solution to the weaving crisis, especially, the pochampalli weavers in Nalagonda


  • RTI Call-A-Thon: Called the MP’s to stop RTI from being diluted
  • Help Narayanan Krishnan win $10K as part of a chase campaign
  • Bhopal Gas campaign to help create awareness about
  • Soni Sori’s illegal detention
  • March in solidarity for the anti corruption, anti caste movements
  • Political campaigns


  • Drip irrigation system for the farmers was a long term project that helped reduce the manual labor required to irrigate the field and also reduce the financial burden.
  • Supporting i4Farmers activities in Punjab, Adilabad, Kadapa, Maharashtra
  • Supporting Vidarbha farmer suicide victims
  • Supporting Adilabad/Warangal farmer suicide victims

Women issues:

  • Research on data
  • Conducting awareness related events
  • Providing financial help for rural women journalists
  • Provide Sewing machines for self employed women groups
  • Providing micro financing
  • Providing money to build boutiques run by acid attack survivors
  • Do on the ground survey on acid sales
  • Help with selling jute bags connecting customers with the producers

Fundraising events

Awareness campaigns

CG Net Swara

There are many more projects which we had worked on but are missing from the above list, but hopefully, this is probably good to remind us, despite our regular 9-5 jobs, despite our family commitments and despite our busy schedules, there are small things that each one us can do, which can have an impact. Of course, when we collaborate and contribute, the impact is slightly more and so are the results.

This blog will be updated with full list of projects in the coming weeks (or months 🙂


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