One day in Anakapalle – A good night story

It’s been a while since I told the good night stories and today when my daughter asked me to tell a good night story which was a real one, I had to tell this since this was fresh on the mind 
Me: This is about a small village in Anakapalle. The village was beautiful with green trees all around and with very friendly people. It was surrounded by mountains, green fields everywhere and plenty of shade. One day there came a garbage truck which dumped all the garbage in this village (I called this the new location) . This was originally supposed to be dumped in a different location ( I called this the old location )

Daughter: Why did they do that?

 Me: Some people were planning on using the old location for building and other reasons, so they had to take this garbage to a different location.

Daughter: Ok
Me: So the villagers helped by a team of volunteers and one Mr Ajay Kumar, went to the court. Do you understand what a court is?
Daughter: Where people get justice 
Me: Yes and after some fight, the court said they cannot dump the garbage in the new place.
Moral of the story: It’s important to say something when you see something bad happening. So you say something, then you will do something and others will join to help do big things
Daughter: But I’m too small, I can’t do.
Me: Remember the temple run (my daughter used to play this sometime) game. The male character is free and the female character always needs more points or you have to buy

Daughter: Yes, I know that 

Me; Do you know why is that?

Daughter: May be only boys play this game and that’s why.
Me: That could be one of the big reasons. Anyways a little girl complained about this ( and the temple run people agreed to change this.

Daughter: Immediately she asked “Can I play the game now, can you please download it?”

Me: Nice try, not now. So do you understand why it’s important to say something and ask?
Daughter: Yes, i want to fix a few things in my school as well. 

Me: Like what?
Daughter: The pencils. They should give good quality pencils, the led always breaks and we have to keep sharpening all the time. 

Ok great, now go sleep.
Of course she didn’t sleep and 30 mins later when I asked her, what the moral of the story was, she (still remembered) said “we need to say something and ask something”


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