Adopting a village, the Reel way and the Real way

I recently saw a Telugu movie. The movie was about adopting a village, reforming the village, fighting the evil in the village and living happily ever after.   
I liked the movie because I felt for the first time or may be in a long time, in a mainstream movie, done by a very popular actor, dealt with some serious subjects although in a very subtle way (subtle because of the macho ism and over the board fights diluted the movie theme) drew our attention to some hard facts. The facts being 

1) There is also such a thing as Rural Development 

2) Land acquisition is a real threat to the livelihoods of many in rural and also the urban India

3) RTI is a powerful weapon (It’s the reason for the downfall of a cabinet minister in the movie)

4) RTI activists are a real threat to the corrupt 

5) RTI activists, especially those dealing with large corruption issues, their life is also under threat 

6) Govt. school buildings (wherever they exist) need a desperate intervention and attention 

7) Access to primary health care is still a distant dream in rural India 

8) Development is at the cost of displacing people and at the cost of destroying fertile lands

9) Soldiers are ill treated when alive and ill treated are their families after their death 

10) People are migrating from the villages in search of opportunities, opportunities that are denied and snatched away from them in their own village

Of course the hero had to set everything right before the movie ends and so he did what he did in the movie.
Reality, of course, is that this is no one man/woman show, rather it’s a collective effort

1) A kid going to a govt. school should worry about the homework or an exam not about the building collapsing. And who should fix this or who can fix this – all of us including the govt., one school at a time 

2) Development done for the people in the name of the people should also make the people active stake holders

3) Land is acquired by forceful displacement of someone in some remote village, we must resist, protest because it’s only a matter of time before we get displaced from our own house

and so on so forth 

It’s just unacceptable that in this day and age 

A kid going to school doesn’t have a desk to sit on, worst even, doesn’t have a school to go to 

A farmer feeding all of us, can’t feed his/her own family, worst even, struggling to just survive 

Rural India which is still home to hundreds of millions of Indians, doesn’t have sustainable livelihood, worst even, doesn’t have any livelihood in some cases 

We have work to do … else we will be portrayed as victims in the movies and our problems will be solved by another super star but only in the movies 


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