Call campaign in support of Telangana farmers – Day I

Wedding (2)

As part of the Day I call campaign, i spoke to 4 MLA’s, one from Congress and 3 from TRS. All 4 of them answered and spoke for at least 3-4 minutes.

  • Manohar Reddy – TRS:
  • Durgam Chinnaiah – TRS:
  • Divakar Rao Nadipelli – TRS:
  • Geeta Reddy – Congress:

I requested all 4 of them to please consider the 3 requests/demands which will go a long way in addressing the farming crisis

  1. Issue Loan Eligibility Cards for Tenant Farmers: Loan eligibility cards will enable the tenant farmers to get access to loans, crop insurance and other benefits the farmers in general are entitled to
  2. Set up Farm Income Commission: This is to guarantee a minimum salary or monthly income for the farmers. All the MLA’s asked how this should be setup – I suggested that depend on whether someone is marginal farmer or small income farmer, different pay scales can be setup
  3. Ex gratia of 6 lakhs to be retroactively effective since formation of T-Govt: MLA’s expressed concern on how not all the farmer suicides are not genuine and sometimes are as a result of alcohol program or family feud. Acknowledging that there would be some cases but that shouldn’t deter us from the genuine issues thats causing these suicides, I introduced one of the MLA to Rhythu Swaraja Vedika who on the ground had been interacting with the villages and the farmers.

All the MLA’s wanted me to send this information in emails and one MLA also noted all the points down. I further requested each one of them to kindly address these issues in a time bound manner and take concrete action, not just on paper but in reality.

A humble request is to please call the MLA’s and explain why we need to take action and take action now.


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