Religion can be abused to divide us or utilized to unite us

Religion is about tolerance
It’s also about acceptance
It’s also about humility and it’s also
about humanity

And with this limited understanding, I requested the Sai Baba temple, the Guruvayurappan temple, the Bridge water temple – all in New Jersey to come forward and issue statement denouncing the inhuman incident in Dadri, UP and also requested them to insist that humanity comes above everything else.

One asked how making a statement here would mean anything to anyone since the incident happened in India, another said they would talk to their management, another didn’t quite respond.

I responded saying, we offer help from here in the U.S. to Indians at times of a calamity, the incident that happened is no less than that. And because people have so much faith in religious institutions it also becomes their responsibility to instill the faith in humanity.

They agreed to do something after talking to their management. Whether they do something or not, time will tell, but when people getting killed because of their belief, because of their faith, because of their religion – status quo won’t change anything.

If there was ever a time when religious institutions had a bigger role to play, it is now. These discussions have to start happening and happening now.

if you can reach out to any religious institution, no matter which religion, please do so and request them to initiate discussions, conversations around this. In fact such discussions should happen everywhere to promote tolerance and harmony. I will try calling the gurdwaras, the masjid’s and other religious institutions in the neighborhood

It just took me 5 minutes to make these phone calls during my commute. May be this won’t change anything, but we have to make some effort some where, so let this be but not status quo


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