A few schools with no toilets and a few with no students – Nalgonda district


Here are the highlights of the RTI response for the Nalgonda Mandal requesting information on the schools and more importantly the condition of the toilets in the schools

  • Schools with no toilets
  • Schools with teachers but no students
  • The highest kids to toilets ratio is 260 kids for one toilet in Rajapet Mandal
  • The average number of kids for each toilet is
  • 38.4 in Nadi Gudem

  • 57.5 in Rajapet

  • 28.6 in Thripuram

  • 31.8 in Nalgonda

  • 41.7 in Mothey

Thanks to my friend Venkat who filed this RTI with Nalgonda district, please click on the link for the Original RTI response.

As per the manual on Unicef’s school sanitation and hygiene, when planning the number of latrines for a school, certain issues should be considered:

  • Are separate urinals available for boys? If so, fewer latrines will be needed.
  • What is the proportion of boys to girls? If urinals are available, boys need fewer latrines.
  • Are children allowed to leave the classes to use the latrine? If not, pressure on latrines during breaks is great and more latrines are required.
  • Do all children have breaks from classes at the same time? If so, more latrines are required. Could breaks be staggered?

Now that we have the data, we can focus on the schools with no toilets and also the toilets with highest kids to toilets ratio. Here are some of the things we are now planning on doing to take this forward.

  • Contact the district education officer and request to release funds to construct the toilets in a time bound manner
  • Contact the district collector requesting the same
  • Request the teachers to contribute (financially) to fix the toilets
  • Crowd fund the construction of the toilets

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