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A broken transofrmer

Original story: http://cgnetswara.org/index.php?id=82886

Day I: Spoke to the executive engineer Mr Markam at the electricity department and requested them to please help fix the transformer which has not been working for the past 3 months now.

At first he said today was a local festival and tomorrow was again another holiday and said it can happen only after that. Then i pleaded him to please have it fix since the people were living in dark.

He asked me if i was from the Surajpur district which is why I was interested, i hesitantly said yes and he agreed to take a look

Day II: and finally after a week – the good news, in fact, its great news. This village, this remote village, this otherwise no one would even know about village – only because of CG Net, got the power back. It took me a few phone calls, but it was all worth it.

I just spoke to Bhola Gupta who had logged the complaint confirmed that as of last night, they had repaired the transformer. he will record the message on CgNet soon

This was the 5th success story starting from two hand-pumps getting installed, starting a bus service in Bhadrachalam and now this. All because CG Net was able to bring out the stories and we needed to do was make a simple phone call.


Lack of electricity:

Original Story: http://cgnetswara.org/index.php?id=77332

Just spoke to the collector to bring his attention on the lack of electricity in the village.

The collector was surprised to receive a call, but when I explained, how technology via CGNet Swara was bringing such issues to the forefront, he was a bit surprised. He was however very receptive to the call and said he would send someone to take a look into this issue.

The chief engineer didn’t pick up the call.

Again, technology helped bridge the gap, otherwise, how can I from new jersey know anything about this tribal village in Rewa district of MP. The locals in the village spoke to the officials, raised complaints.

There are numerous such problems reported by the villagers on CGNet on a daily basis. So now its our turn to also do the bare minimum – Just one call a day, may help solve the problems. Please give it a try if you can

Will follow up with the villager and the collector if need be in a couple of days.

Hand pumps not working: 

A villager from the Ghugri block of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh reports that 4 out of 10 hand pumps stopped working.

The message gets recorded and relayed on CgNet Swara from there it makes it to the social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

Someone somewhere in a different part of the world, in this case, me, look at this report and call the collector to raise this issue. A couple of days go by, no luck reaching out to the collector.

3rd day, I reach out to my friend who is also a collector, in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh.Thanks to Parikipandla Narahari who called the collector and urges him into look into the issue.

Few follow up’s, few phone calls and safe drinking water problem for almost 2000 villagers, now has some hope to be resolved. I will follow up next week again.

This is the potential of CgNetSwara – A phone call a day, can keep the problems away

No source of water:

Original Story: http://cgnetswara.org/index.php?id=30177

I had followed up on this report on CgNet Swara a few days ago. After verifying the information, i asked my friend Parikipandla Narahari who is Gwalior district collector. He promptly called the collector of Damoh district and reported about the same.

Today, when i called Swatantra Kumar Singh, collector, Damoh district and he has already initiated a process whereby he is sending teams to do some study and by Monday next week, they would have more information as to how watercan be made available.

Next follow up will be on Monday.

Thank you Narahari for your timely intervention & thank you to the collector of Damoh for looking into the request sincerely

Bus Service in Badhrachalam:


Baiga Adivasi

Read this report on CgNetSwara a few days ago about Baiga Adivasis needing to bribe to get the Agriculture Subsidies.

Was curious to find out who the Baiga adivasis and thanks to a website, i learnt that they are the wildest of the tribes inhabiting the most inaccessible hills and remote forests.

My Follow up’s
1) The YouTube link is my conversation with Nareshji who reported this incident [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2SpSSrBWfU]
2) I spoke to the Krishi Vibhag Adhikari – Mr Prasad about this incident where 6 Baiga Adivasis had given Rs 4000 bribe each to get the loan of Rs12,000. He did acknowledge that there was mishandling of this in the past but subsequently the MLA, the collector and the Assistant district officer all helped look into this and the issue had been resolved. According to him the money was deposited in the individual bank accounts. This was done in March 2013.

He is surprised why someone was still reporting this as an issue.

When i asked him if he had the paper work associated with this, he said he didn’t have any and might be with the collector.

3) I tried reaching the collector but no one is picking up the phone

Here are the collector details : http://kawardha.gov.in/district_directory.htm

Build a road

What can a phone call do? A lot like getting a road built in the most remote villages of Raigarh, Chattisgarh

One phone call from a villager in Sarkheta reported a problem on CgNetSwara
Another phone call from New Jersey to the collector in Raigarh

and this is the gist of my second conversation (call lasted for more than 15 mins)

Collector: How did you come to know about this problem?
Me: A villager from Sarkheta village calls a toll free number and leaves a message. This message is simply translated and put up on the web and posted on facebook. I’m just following up on the issue

Collector: I’m surprised the villager could have simply called the district officials instead of CgNetSwara
Me: Reporting on CgNetSwara is just a phone call

Collector: As i told you last time, i’ve already sent notices to the other officials for e.g. in the forest department and he attributed the lack of schools or anganwadi is due to the fact that the village is cut off and there are no roads to connect. So first and foremost i’ve to ensure some roads are built.
Me: Thank you very much for listening to me and also willing to act on the issue

Collector: Don’t thank me. It’s my duty and i’m a very sincere officer and will definitely look into this closely. It might take 2 or 3 months. I will let you know.

So it was just a phone call and 15 minutes of my time. You don’t have to believe me, you can try it for yourself. Check out the next report on CgNet Swara and make that call


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