My own town

My Own Town – My 9 year old daughter’s take on what if she was the mayor of the town as part of a Saturday afternoon project.

My town will have

  • Town recycling ,compost center
  • Zoo’s, aquariums, museums, fairs, carnivals, charities,
  • Parks, schools, offices, hospitals, police and fire stations,veterinary hospitals
  • Homes: apartments , townhomes, condominiums
  • Orphanage, graveyards, animal homes
  • Shops: target, the farmarket, toysrus/babyrus, petco

How to run the town?

  • In Parks, gather all the people of the community and make them maintain the park
  • Offices, schools etc. – check if they are running well and have the officers maintain the place
  • Shops – treat the customers well

How to appoint the team (team to help run the town along with the Mayor) ?

  • Generosity Test
  • Recycling and Compost Test
  • Animal Care Test
  • Honesty Test

How to communicate with the people of the town?

  • Hang  up signs around the town which tell about the situation .
  • Write blogs and post it on Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Be on T.V. saying things about the situation.
  • Have a newspaper writer write my speech.
  • Give speeches in parks.
  • Have my own website:- http://www.mayorcontact/idea

The Election

I would hold a debate before the people vote with all the candidates and then she would ask “Will you vote for me?”

My Own Town




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