C-Cube (Calling Club for CgNet)

Below is the plan as to how CCube would work. I’ve also created a FAQ document with the same plan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NRWBv2R9SNSfXel3Csecw5S8Wjudz6gJoQ_gACKvmdk/edit
If any questions, please feel free to update the FAQ document with your name and comment – for e.g.
[Suresh]: ______ in the document itself so it’s easy to track
For registering the CgNet Stories that you are following up, please use the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pTaM6LCtyTNOSwNvuYL73RJtT5aPz5UX3BbssActFbY/edit?usp=sharing
Any questions regarding the spreadsheet maintenance etc, Sreeman who is in this email list, will be a point of contact, since he volunteered to manage this for us going forward.
So this Wednesday, let’s make the phone ring and let’s make noise 🙂
How would this work?
  1. Every wednesday we spend just 10 minutes at whatever time it’s convenient for you. 10 minutes is important because we also want to demonstrate how just spending 10 mins can make a huge difference.
  2. We pick a story from CgNetSwara.org and follow up on this. Each CgNetSwara story will have contact numbers of the concerned authorities. Strongly recommend also listening to the 1 or 2 minute audio story as well.
  3. We then update the google spreadsheet with a bunch of information which includes the story title and the story link
  4. Once we follow up, update the status in the spreadsheet
How do we pick up a story?
1. Very rarely, we could have stories related to sand mafia or coal mafia, which we could avoid, due to sensitivity and safety of the people reporting these issues. So this can be avoided for now
2. You can then just browse through the stories and pick up any of the story and log them in the spreadsheet, so the next person doesn’t pick up the same story
3. You can browse for stories reported even in the previous months.
Why Wednesday?
It was a randomly chosen day of the week and if done as a group collectively, chances of we sustaining our efforts would be more. A collective effort can also sometimes help us motivate each other
Why not create a FB Page or an FB group to better coordinate things?
Once we get the ball rolling and do this for at least 4 wednesdays, depending on how things are, we could then start streamlining things better.
After every wednesday, we can then share the follow up’s on FB. I will collectively pool up the responses and you can share your experiences on FB so we can encourage more people to participate.
Any other questions/concerns/suggestions, please do let me know.

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