The snowy white lake – A not so christmas story

Silly, Mili and Khili loved to hangout around the lake. This was their best weekend activity and they never got tired of this. There were plenty of favorite spots around the lake where they would take turns and spend time every weekend.

This is a story i told my daughter and Silly, Mili and Khili are among her favorite characters, so they feature in almost every story

The ducky zone, which was towards the north west corner, had a gentle stream of flowing water, which the ducks loved. Silly had a favorite duck, the white one and she would always feed her the bread crumbs and so did Mili and Khili.

The opposite side of the ducky zone was where they would do their picnic. They would get their favorite cookies, their favorite dolls, chairs and hats. They would also do their science fun programs.

The lake was part of their life, especially their weekend life. They would plan for their weekend the entire week.

It was soon time for summer holidays and Silly, Milli and Khili were both sad and excited. They were sad because they can’t hangout around the lake anymore but they were excited because they would be going to their grand parents house.

Their return to the lake however wasn’t that exciting. The ducky zone had a strange white foam floating, Silly, Mili and Khili looked puzzled at each other. That evening they told their parents who asked them to avoid the ducky zone.

The next weekend, when the kids went back to the lake, the picnic area also had the white foam. This time the parents said, just avoid the picnic area and play at a different park which also had a small lake.

Silly didn’t want to go, but Mili and Khili convinced her try out. For the first few weeks they had great fun. But soon, the white foam started to make it’s way to the other lake as well.

The parents asked them to stop going to the lake and instead asked to just play at home.

The kids didn’t like it, but they had no choice.

A few months pass by and one day while they were going to school, the school bus suddenly stopped. When Mili asked the bus driver why she had stopped the bus, she said, that there was some white foam everywhere on the road.

Silly asked Mili and Khili “Would our parents ask us to stop going to school now since the white foam is blocking the road?”

What is the moral of the story?

Had Silly, Mili and Khili’s parents done something the first time they saw the white foam in the ducky zone, the situation would not have come this far. Instead they tried to avoid the problem and now the problem has become so big that its now too late to do anything.

The reality:

The belandur lake did not turn into Switzerland, that’s exactly what one of the cab drivers had told me that this is their Switzerland. Of course he was joking. But then he went on to add the near by chemical factories had been releasing chemicals into the lake for many years now. Although there were a few groups and individuals raising their voice against this, it wasn’t enough to overpower the pollutants.

The chemical companies refused to treat the effluents before releasing into the lake and the result is there for everyone to see. The Belandur lake is yet another grim reminder that if we leave the responsibility to the elected officials with no accountability then we are the ones who will at the receiving end.

Who takes this road crossing the Belandur lake everyday – not the politicians but the public.

The north east part of US didn’t receive any snow this Christmas, my daughter calls this a brown Christmas, but people in Bengaluru might think otherwise.



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