University of Hyderabad – the politics and suicides behind it


Whether we are on the left, or the right or the center or just neutral, all of us can agree with what Rohit had written in his first and the only letter, very rightly pointed out the problem with our universities, our education system and our society in general “The value of a man (human being) was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing. Never was a man (human being) treated as a mind”.

If only we had identified the human being as a mind and not by all the identities we tend to attach, not just the university, but in general the world would be a better place.

Based on the documents below and excerpts from the UoH meeting minutes (uploaded on its website) on record that its every evident that

  • Politics and politicians did interfere with the university internal affairs
  • Suicides were a grave concern and were highlighted by the courts as a systemic failure of the university
  • That the steps taken by the university to address the suicides were inadequate


University Of Hyderabad Meeting Minutes in 2015

After going through the recommendations of the Sub-Committee, the Council took a lenient view and resolved the following:

  • Not to allow the following students to stay in hostels at the University till they complete their respective courses/programmes at the University:
    • Mr. Dontha Prasanth (13SEPH14), Ph.D., Economics. 11.
    • Mr. Chakravarthi Rohit Vemula (14SKPK01), Science, Technology and Society Studies.
    • Mr. Pedapudi Vijay Kumar (13SPPH03), Ph.D., Political Science.
    • Mr. Sheshaiah Chemudugunta (14SIPH04), Ph.D. Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy.
    • Mr. Velpula Sunkanna (former student of Ph.D. in the Department of Philosophy) .
  • The above students are permitted to be seen only In the respective Schools/Departments/Centres, the Library, and academic seminars/conferences/workshops of their subject.
  • They are not permitted to participate in the students’ union elections, enter the hostels, administration building and other common places in groups.
  • Violation of (2), stated above, will attract punishment recommended by the Proctorial Board.


Court Recommendations on Suicides in university in 2014 :

The issue of student suicides on the campus during the past 3-4 years was raised. The report submitted by Justice K Ramaswamy, a retired Supreme Court Judge to inquire into the death of Mr. Madari Venkatesh, a Ph.D. research scholar in ACRHEM was brought to the attention of the Court.

The Court was informed that the Executive Council at its meeting held on November 24, 2014 accepted the recommendations of the Committee. Soon after acceptance, the general recommendations and summary of the report had been placed on the website of the University. The complete report has now been uploaded on the website.

The members expressed that student counselling, 3 days a week and helpline of 24/7, was not enough. Every School/Department/Center should take proactive measures to avoid such situations.

Court Recommendations in 2013 : The court expresses concern over the suicides at the University of Hyderabad – “Concern over suicides on the campus due to systemic failures. ”


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