Atrocities against SC and ST

Article 17 of the constitution states “Untouchability’’ is abolished and its practice in any form is forbidden. The enforcement of any disability arising out of “Untouchability’’ shall be an offence punishable in accordance with law.

But the fact that in 1989, a prevention of atrocities act was introduced with further amendments in 1995 and then later in 2015 confirms that the inhuman practices against the SC/ST haven’t stopped or reduced. A further confirmation of this is the list of atrocities mentioned in the “Prevention of Atrocities Act”. A very look

(i) forces a member of a SC/ST to drink or eat any inedible or obnoxious substance;
(ii) acts with intent to cause injury, insult or annoyance to any member of a SC/ST by dumping excreta, waste matter, carcasses or any other obnoxious substance in his premises or neighborhood;
(iii) forcibly removes clothes from the person of a member of a SC/ST or parades him naked or with painted face or body or commits any similar act which is derogatory to human dignity;
(iv) wrongfully occupies or cultivates any land owned by, or allotted to, or notified by any competent authority to be allotted to, a member of a SC/ST or gets the land allotted to him transferred;
(v) wrongfully dispossesses a member of a SC/ST from his land or premises or interferes with the enjoyment of his rights over any land, premises or water;
(vi) compels or entices a member of a SC/ST to do ‘begar’ or other similar forms of forced or bonded labor other than any compulsory service for public purposes imposed by Government;
(vii) forces or intimidates a member of a SC/ST not to vote or to vote to a particular candidate or to vote in a manner other than that provided by law;
(viii) institutes false, malicious or vexatious suit or criminal or other legal proceedings against a member of a SC/ST
(ix) gives any false or frivolous information to any public servant and thereby causes such public servant to use his lawful power to the injury or annoyance of a member of a SC/ST
(x) intentionally insults or intimidates with intent to humiliate a member of a SC/ST in any place within public view;
(xi) assaults or uses force to any woman belonging to a SC/ST with intent to dishonor or outrage her modesty;
(xii) being in a position to dominate the will of a woman belonging to a SC/ST and uses that position to exploit her sexually to which she would not have otherwise agreed;
(xiii) corrupts or fouls the water of any spring, reservoir or any other source ordinarily used by members of the SC/ST so as to render it less fit for the purpose for which it is ordinarily used;
(xiv) denies a member of a SC/ST any customary right of passage to a place of public resort or obstructs such member so as to prevent him from using or having access to a place of public resort to which other members of public or any section thereof have a right to use or access to;
(xv) forces or causes a member of a SC/ST to leave his house, village or other place of
residence, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than six months but which may extend to five years and with fine.

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  1. Thanks for this article….There are still many ways of atrocities which will not get covered under the above specifications… Take my example..

    ?I can count many instances but I will choose the following two as it shows how deeply caste is used to discriminate. Though they didn’t ask my caste but it could be deduced as not many upper castes will work as a peon. The first one is an incident where I was physically assaulted by a person who used to teach basketball to IIT students and professors children. I started going to run (exercise) in the IIT B gymkhana (a big ground with cricket, soccer and hockey fields and places to run) during my 10th vacations. He observed me for 3 days and on 4th day came to me and asked. Who are you? Name? Where do you stay? What does your father do? I answered him. In next moment he caught me by my collar and started abusing and using swear words. And started kicking me on my legs as he dragged me with him. I was shocked as to why is was doing this. He was using swear words and saying you people come and destroy the ground. Will your dad pay for this. If you have to exercise go and run on the roads not inside this ground. Then he took me to a place, all the time holding my collar and twisting it to the point where I was choking, and wanted to lock me in a room. Only after I cried a lot and promised to never come back he let me go. Right now he is promoted to be the sports officer for IIT B, his name is Edwin. I got to know from others that he does same things to anyone who is not IIT B professor’s children accusing them of digging the ground for stumps and such false accusation to get promoted and look good in the eyes of the higher ups. You can very well see it in Indian Jails most of the inmates are dalits or muslims. Upper castes constitute very low percentage of jail inmates. Many are held on false charges and kept without trails so that the police gets medals of bravery and promotions. I only went to the ground again after I got into IIT B after 7 years of this incident and one day he saw me, recognized me and sent his peon to get my id card and keep it with him. I called up my father who came and went up to him to ask why he took only my id card when there were 5 other guys with me playing badminton. The peon said Edwin Ordered him to take my card. But Edwin denied ordering peon anything.

    Similarly there is a swimming coach who teaches IIT B students and IIT profs kids. I wanted to learn swimming after my engineering got over and there was a gap of a month or so. As I knew he teaches proff kids and I knew basic swimming I felt like asking him if he could teach me. When I went to him he asked me what does your father do in IIT. I just said the name of this department. He was not satisfied. He just said “Lekin kya kaam karte hai”. He wanted to know it, I didn’t know why. But in a small ecosystem like IIT B where everybody know everybody else and from surname and designation you can make out ones caste it is not easy to see why he denied to teach me. He just said you will have to swim for 1 km (ie 20 laps in a 50 meter swimming pool) non-stop then I will teach you (1 km non stop? If I knew this I won’t come to you right?). Still I managed to win a medal in IIT B sports after 2 years of this incident (self-taught, Youtube videos and observing other swimmers). ”

    Will these things get constituted under SC ST atrocities? Well even if they would. The backlash would be graver than I can imagine. System is controlled by upper castes.

    From a Swapnil Jadhav, an IIT Bombay Dalit Peon’s son who went to study at IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad

    1. Swapnil…your experience is indeed touching, moving, inspiring…hats off to u for being courageous and proving your point against all odds..good luck to u buddy in your future assignments and let’s hope and keep the dream alive of an egalitarian society free of caste prejudices in days to come, although I am sure it’s a long way to go..

    2. what a bullshit!
      “that he does same things to anyone who is not IIT B professor’s children accusing them of digging the ground for stumps and such false accusation”
      so when he does this to everyone then how come your dalit card come into the picture?

      If the society was so unfair then you wouldnt be able to get admission to either of these institutes you brag about.

  2. Respected Sir and the team,
    I really appreciate the way you have put in all your time to consolidate above data and bring it forward to us. I am really willing to bring some change in the society specially considering the casteism issue. Do you have any on-ground projects going on in this regards? Is there any way I can contribute? Alike you, I am not in India but still want to support.


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