the OneMillionPostCardCampaign for SoniSori

‪#‎SoniSori‬ – the teacher who wanted to see pens in the hands of kids and not guns. Soni Sori believed education was the only way to empower the people and fight against poverty. She was being the voice of the people and voice for the people.

She paid a heavy price for this – she was attacked, she was harassed, she was jailed, she was hurt, she was abused, she was accused and now even her family is being tortured.

But it’s not just about Soni Sori, it’s also about the people of Bastar. The least we could do is to urge the chief minister to have the CBI and/or the Supreme Court judiciary to investigate these matters instead of the local police.

Not the gun, not the bullets
Not the police, not the abuse
Not the prison, not the tortures
Not the warnings, not the attacks
Not the allegations, not the lies
Not the wounds, not the burns
Not the rebels, not the sarkar
Not the arrest warrants, not the injustice
Not the oblivion, not the awards to the attackers
Not the media blackouts, not the people’s indifference

#SoniSori, not deterred, not scared, not discouraged

Join the OneMillionPostCardCampaign and help send a post card in solidarity of Soni Sori’s fight. This is not just about Soni Sori alone, it’s also about the tribals in Bastar.

Three Simple Steps to join the campaign

1) Please give your name and place – a post card will be sent on your behalf:

2) you can send the post card yourself

3) Once sent, please share and help spread the word – we need a million people to come together



Attached is a simple poster with instructions on sending this postcard to the chief minister of Chattisgarh.

Please print the post card and send it to the CM.
Please share so other friends can also send the post card.
Please help stand in solidarity for #SoniSori, for the people of ‪#‎Bastar‬
Lets join the One Million Post Card Campaign

Other Posters:





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