The Non controversial Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai

Today we hosted a free screening of Muzaffarnagar Baaqi  Hai at the Princeton University. There was nothing controversial about the documentary. The only controversy was the people trying to stop the screenings.

The documentary was about ordinary people and their conversations, their experiences, their life before and after the deadly riots.

Please watch it if you can

A few quotes/excerpts from these conversations in the documentary

  1. Muzaffarnagar was once known as Mohabbatnagar, it soon became the nagar for communal clashes
  2. Last night we went to the field together to turn on the pumps. The very next day, we became enemies
  3. It wasn’t a Muslim who died nor a Hindu, it was a human who died
  4. The landlords didn’t die nor did the Jats. Those who were killed were the peasants and the poor
  5. The Dalits who worked with us in the farms, the next day started chasing us with weapons. They have the option to either run away or succumb to the pressure of upper caste
  6. Muslim jats were not hurt since they matched strength to strength. It was the poor Muslims who bore the brunt
  7. Elections divided us, before that we were United
  8. Safety comes first, employment and other issues come next
  9. Bharatiya Kisan Union was the strongest Kisan Union which was a strong Union of the farmers. Later it became a group of Muslim and Hindu farmers and then only the Hindu farmers
  10. After the riots, there was no Union anymore
  11. The bharatiya Kisan Union gave a slogan “Har Har Mahadev and Allahu Akbar“. Now there is no Allahu Akbar and even Har Har Mahadev changed to Har Har Modi
  12. If there is a fight between Parminder and Mohammed, it becomes a fight between the Hindu and the Muslim
  13. We, the girls are not allowed to step outside our houses and are always burdened with carrying the honor of our families. The boys are never told anything and do all the dishonorable acts. It doesn’t matter which religion but why are we the girls blamed for everything.
  14. My neighbor Naveen was a good friend. Now he is just Naveen, not even a friend anymore.

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