(Call Campaign) – Day 16 of OneMillionPostCardsCampaign

What do the MLA’s of Bastar think? Is it true that the journalists are being harassed? Is it true that the Adivasi’s are being arrested and threatened for their lives? What about Soni Sori and Lingaram Kodopi? What about Bela? Why is the situation in Bastar deteriorating day by day? When would this end? or How would this end?

The OneMillionPostCardCampaign for #SoniSori, for #Bastar will now start calling the MLA’s and MP’s for their response to these questions.

Some conversations with MLA’s of Bastar:

After introducing myself as a concerned citizen calling from New Jersey, US, i jump straight into the conversation

MLA 1: Shri Baghel Lakheshwar, INC

Me: Why is the situation in Bastar so tense, why are the journalists being jailed and why are the Adivasis being harassed, like Soni Sori , Lingram Kodopi?

MLA: In the name of ending naxalism, they(police and the state) are suppressing all the voices. They don’t want anyone to oppose them and anyone coming in their way is being dealt with

Me: Is Mr Kalluri aware of this?

MLA: Whatever happens, it happens under his supervision

Me: So what are you doing to highlight these issues? Are you raising these issues in the assembly and confronting the CM

MLA: Yes, we do raise along with the other tribal MLA’s. We even try to reach out to the Media

Me: What do you think needs to be done to end this?

MLA: All the people must come together

Me: Would you help the groups and the people who are already engaged in raising their voices

MLA: Yes, why not?

Me: Thank you for your time (MLA was in a rush)

The remaining 3 MLA’s didn’t answer, may be tomorrow – in case you want to try, here are the numbers: http://cgvidhansabha.gov.in/english/newmlatable_fourthassembly.htm

The MP’s number listed doesn’t work.

Please continue supporting the campaign 

Send a post card: tinyurl.com/OneMillionPostCardForSoni



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