Learning is spontaneous – Kids Teachings

Lesson #1: A world with no identity

This was an early Sunday morning conversation between my kids

  • My daughter (9 years): Are you Indian, American, African, Hindu, Christian or Irish?
  • My son (3.5 years): I’m Sonu (his nickname)
  • My daughter: Where do you live?
  • My son: On the earth

That’s all that matters actually :-). An identity that doesn’t confine, that doesn’t restrict and as a matter of fact it’s an identity that sets one free. Agreed my son may have said without any underlying implications, but this is exactly what I need to be reminded every know and then, that being a human being and acting like one is the most important thing before becoming someone and being someone.

Lesson #2: Learning is not structured and can be spontaneous 

We had gotten Jenga and were very eager to get home, unwrap, put the blocks together and start the game. The next 1 hour went in explaining the kids how to play the game. What happened next was totally unexpected. My son didn’t like the game nor was interested in listening to the instructions of the game.

Instead, he took the Jenga blocks and started arranging them in different shapes to make different structures. All these structures had one thing in common – they were all home for his favorite toys, the Cars (McQueen and Blaze, the Monster Truck). The next couple of weeks, he built some amazing looking blocks (at least amazing to me). What’s more interesting is, he demolishes these structures by ramming the cars into them and then starts building newer ones. No two structures are similar. He also built ramps for his McQueen cars.

In the process, he discovered a bit about beams, balancing, structures, ramps, shapes.


The challenge of ‘education’ is to keep this spontaneity, imagination, creativity and non-structured learning alive.


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