Drought Management in a nutshell

Unsustainable land and water management practices are the main culprits of drought intensification in both developing and developed nations.The situation of drought, it’s prevention, it’s monitoring all in pictures.
In many situations, drought assistance or relief measures provided by governments and donor agencies exacerbate the societal vulnerability to drought and also move societies away from their traditional wisdom and pro-active risk management
approach, making people more dependent on externalities.


In the drought affected rural areas, under MGNREGS, for enhancing the livelihood security of people, Ministry has guaranteed 150 days of wage employment in a financial year to rural households whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The provision of additional employment of 50 days over and above 100 days per household under MGNREGS has been made in the notified drought affected areas of the 10 States during 2015-16.


PreparednessPlans PreventiveMeasures DroughtManagementCycle DroughtEarlyWarningSystem DroughtRiskManagement

Source: www.nidm.gov.in


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