Conversations with MLA – Drought & Bastar


MLA from Maharashtra: Dr Sanjay Kute 

Me: Sir, about the current drought situation in Marathwada, what is the administration doing and what are you doing in response to the situation in your constituency?

MLA: How did you get my number?

Me: Maharashtra BJP website, where all the MLA contacts are listed

MLA: We are making sure the water is supplied through tankers in every village.

Me: The drought, as you know, is not an overnight condition. Basic drought management steps haven’t been taken up leading to this current crisis. So what is being done in the long term

MLA: Water conservation is being undertaken. It should have been done 20-25 years ago. The govt. has already approved 2000 crores budget for this and the idea is to rebuild and rejuvenate the water reserves.

Me: How can i get the implementation details and the current status of this program

MLA: It’s there on the Maharashtra govt. website.

Me: What about the sugar factories and their abuse of water usage

MLA: We cannot shutdown the sugar factories because the people working in those factories will also lose the jobs

Me: Yes, that’s true, but the water usage can be monitored/regulated and they should be prevented from tapping into the drinking water

MLA: Yes, that’s correct. For now, we have reduced the water supply to the factories by 20%.

Me: Thank you for your time

MLA: Mahesh Gagda, Dantewada, Chhattisgarh

Me: Sir, the situation in Bastar where journalists and Adivasi’s are being harassed and arrested, what is the administration doing about this?

MLA: How did you get the number? Who are You?

Me: It’s listed in the govt. website and I’m from Hyderabad, living in the US, concerned about the situation in Bastar

MLA: Which newspapers do you read or what do you watch?

Me: Sir, i would like to know what the situation in Bastar is?

MLA: I don’t know you, i don’t know anything about you. You are saying you are from Hyd and live in the US and talking about Bastar ….

Me: How does it matter Sir. I’m not asking personal questions. These are matters of public concern

MLA: But why should i answer?

Me: Sir, you are a public representative and as a matter of public concern, i’m asking and it’s every right for me to ask. I’m asking these same questions to other MLA’s in Bastar. Have also spoken to Shri Santosh and Shri Lakeshwar ji

MLA: The administration and the police are doing their job

Me: But why are they also harrassing the people, even supreme court said so. Even Samajik Ektha Manch was banned. What is your view on this

MLA hangs up the phone ..

MLA List, Chhattisgarh:

BJP MLA List, Maharashtra:


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