You mean, a beavers dam

Silly, Milli, Khilli, Gappu, Pappu, Chappu were all very good friends. They would always hangout together, play together and spend most of their time at the farm that their parents own and farm. Their parents were …
Sonu: Farmers!! 
Me: That’s right. The kids don’t go to school

Sonu: Oh my god. They don’t go to school!   

Me: that’s right. They don’t. But they still learn. They learn about plants, animals, environment, soil, food, water, growing food and they also have
Sonu: lots of fun

Me: So, one day, when all the kids got home, they found no adults were home. Silly asked milli, who then asked Khilli, who then asked Pappu and everyone said their parents were not home 

Sonu; where did they go?
Me: That’s what everyone was asking. They went to the top of the mountain, but they weren’t there. They then went to the near by lake and they were not there either. And just when they were returning from the lake, they heard some voices. They followed the sound and saw that everyone was gathered around the BIG tree. 

Sonu: How big was the tree?
Me: it was a very big tree. It’s also an important tree, where people would always meet when they wanted to talk about something important. Everyone was talking about a dam. A dam near their village.

Sonu: You mean a beavers dam. The Beavers take lots of sticks and build a beavers dam in the water.
Me: exactly. The Beavers dams are tiny but this dam was really really really big. And you know what happens when you build a dam

Sonu: all the water stops.
Me: What happens if we keep making the dam bigger and bigger and bigger?

Sonu: More water will push the wall. More fast and more push.
Me: Exactly. That’s smart Sonu. The bigger the dam, the more water and that means more push.

And if all the water is let go, then it causes flooding. Do you know what flooding is Sonu?

Sonu: there will be water in the house and everyone will start running out their house. They have to find another house where there is no water

[called Social Impact Assessment]
Me: Exactly. There will be water everywhere, so they have to find another house. But they also need to find the farm, so silly, milli, Khilli and pappu, Gappu, Chappu can play together, can have fun together and also learn together. And their parents also need the farms to grow their own (pause)
Sonu: Food

[called Rehabilitation and Resettlement]
Me: Right. So if they need to build the big dam, the people have to be first moved to a place very similar to the one they are living now. 

Sonu: Then, what happened
Me: So all the people went to the DAMn people and told them that they don’t need the dam. The DAM people said ok and then they walked away. And all the people went home and 

Sonu: They all went to bed and went to sleep

[called consent of the gram sabha]
Me: And Sonu

Sonu: Sonu also went to bed

Me: The End


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