Double the birthday celebrations, double the joy

Ongoing project to light the villages in Meghalaya

We are doing a project to help provide 257 solar lamps to few other villages in Meghalaya. You can help support this project. Each solar lamp costs Rs 380.
So for
  • $10 you can sponsor 2 solar lamps
  • $50 you can sponsor 8 solar lamps
  • $100 you can sponsor 17 solar lamps
You can also help share this information and help spread the word. Please sign up if you are interested to donate:
What we did with our kids Birthdays? 
  • Mid day meal for 75 kids for a year in two government schools in Patancheruvu
  • Immediate relief for 10 families of the farmer suicide victims in Vidarbha
  • 192 solar lamps given to the villages in Meghalaya
  • Sponsoring eye operations through Sankara Eye Foundation

These are some of the small contributions, small birthday contributions that helped double our celebrations and share the joy, happiness with others.

But why birthdays?

The kids birthdays are always a very happy occasion with friends and family extending the best wishes to the loved one’s and hence a perfect occasion to spread this love, affection, and warmth to not just to our loved one’s but beyond that. And why not.  A vast majority of the people outside of our social circles and facebook walls spend their day without knowing when, where and how they can eat their next meal.

The problems are very complex in nature and so are the solutions. But then there are also opportunities where financial help can provide short to mid term solutions. And when this help can be used to create opportunities which otherwise would not be possible, then this financial help or the birthday gifts, become invaluable gifts for the recipients.

And one other important reason is that birthdays are celebrated very often, at least once a year, which means we create that many more opportunities to spread this love and affection.

So how do we celebrate our kids birthdays?

  • When kids were very young and had very little knowledge of what the celebration was all about, we requested all our guests to give donations instead of gifts. This is for a couple of reasons
    • Birthday celebrations for 1 year or 2 year olds is mostly for parents.
    • Kids at that young age are just happy or cranky whether the kid likes the attention or not and don’t mind not getting any gifts.
  •  When there were no guests invited for birthdays, we would instead of getting any expensive gifts for the kids, use that money to donate for some causes
  • When kids are older and have expectations, we cut down on the birthday celebrations. Mostly do it at home, have home made food etc and find other creative ways to cut down on expenses and use all that money to help donate

And now the icing on the cake

We have been doing this for quite a few years now and to certain extent the kids have also endorsed yet, although, they occasionally do complain. But it was especially heartening to know when my friends started doing the same.

This is not just about donating a few dollars to a cause, it’s also about remembering the hardships of people during our own celebrations and making an attempt to do something about it collectively. In a way, this is an attempt to bring back the sense of community, the sense of belonging and a sense that we are humans first and are willing to do something for our fellow human beings, however little it may be.

A few projects in the pipeline 

“You can learn your culture and it’s ways, but no matter who you are, you are a person with feelings and a heart. You can be friends with anyone and any culture. Try peace not violence” – Surina Ediga (I’m her father)


  • 257 solar lamps spread across 7 villages in Meghalaya
  • School Radio program
  • Plantation drive
  • Farmers issues



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