When McQueen and Mater go to Aleppo

McQueen was rather sad and he was not racing, but was just parked outside the Sheriff’s office. Mater, asked, “hey McQueen what happened?”. McQueen said, “I’m not sure what to do Mater. There is this kid, who has been sending messages to me, asking she wants to meet both you and me. But I’m not sure why and even how to go there.?”

Mater asked, “Which place McQueen?”. “Aleppo”, said McQueen.


McQueen: “Oh, do you know where that place is?”.

Mater: No, I don’t, but i just liked the name.

McQueen: Hmm.. We have to find a way to go there

Mater: May be can ask the road checker (my son calls the GPS as the road checker)

McQueen: Good idea. Oh, this is in another continent

(At this point my son started guessing the continents – when he said Asia, I said, that’s where Aleppo is and thats where they need to go)fullsizerender-1

Mater: Alright, then lets go.

(After about hundred days, after crossing the rivers, the mountains, the deserts, the long winding roads, they eventually made it to Aleppo. But as soon as they entered Aleppo…)

McQueen: What’s going here? Why are there so many dusty’s (Disney airplane character, my son relates to) flying around? And why are they dropping bombs all over?

Mater: McQueen, I’m really scared to go in there. I don’t see any in the streets. I see no kids. I see no playgrounds, parks and I don’t see any houses. Everything seems to be destroyed and the whole place if filled with gray colored smoke.

McQueen: Yes. I don’t understand how the kid even sent me so many letters. But we can’t go back now, we came this far and we still need to meet the kid. Lets enter the city.

(McQueen and Mater, changed their body colors to gray and they tiptoed – drove very slowly. Every 5 minutes there is a whistle like sound, which was the sound of dusty passing by. There are McQueen/Mater car toys that can change colors. My son, added – oh they are trying to camouflage)

Mater: Is this what is called a war?

McQueen: Looks like it. But if there is no one around, what are they fighting for?

Mater: McQueen, how far, should we tiptoe? How do we find the kids house?

McQueen: Well, i do have a landmark, the kid wrote to me in one of the letters. The kids house is in front of a big golden building (shrine).

(After about 30 long minutes)

Mater: McQueen, I don’t see the shrine. Its getting dark, should we go back now?

McQueen: No we can’t. We have to keep looking. Oh, there it is. But wait, its not golden. Its gray color and looks like only half the building is there. May be this is it. Lets wait and see if

Mater: But McQueen, we changed our colors, how would the kid recognize us?

McQueen: That’s right, Mater. Lets change our colors.

(With in a few minutes, someone knocked on the car and it was a bunch of kids)

McQueen: Are you the one who wrote me the letters?

Kid: Yes, we all wrote to you, because we heard about you and your friendship and we wanted to see you and Mater race.

McQueen: With a proud smile, yeah, we both are wonderful friends and good racers.

Kid: Can we all go racing now?

McQueen: No, i don’t think its a good idea.

Kid: No, we all want to go, even my parents would like to go see the place.

(The entire place was dark now. McQueen and Mater changed their colors and they started a race, but it  was a slow race. The entire place was destroyed. There were no buildings anymore, everything was crushed)

Mater: But why is this place like this?

Kid: We don’t know. One day we were in the school and all of a sudden, the teacher came and said, “Everyone go home now. Your parents are waiting outside. Tomorrow is also a holiday”. We were all very happy we got holidays. And ever since we came back home, we never went to our school. Our school is also not there anymore.

Mater: Don’t you at least go to the park?

Kid: No, there are no parks anymore. We stay home all day. Sometimes, we are just lying under the beds, the whole time and we have to turn off the lights in the night and just have a tiny little candle.

McQueen: Why? Why do you do that? Won’t you get scared?

Kid: We do it so that the jets cannot see us. The bombs are more scarier than living in the dark.

Mater: And what about food? You don’t go anywhere, so how do you buy stuff?

Kid: Sometimes, someone just drops some bread at our door and we just that for days.

McQueen: Oh, I’ve lot of toys and lot of food. You can take all of those.

Mater: And when we go back, we will tell everyone about Aleppo, so they can bring more toys and more food for you guys.

McQueen: Also, we all ask other kids to write to you and wish the jets stop flying and scaring you.

(It was going to be sunrise soon, so McQueen, Mater dropped the kids back at their home. The kids gave a tight hug to McQueen and Mater and kissed them goodbye. McQueen and Mater safely made it out of the city.

[This is a 2 part story i told my son (4 years old, who loves McQueen & Mater) as a bed time story]


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