India and Pakistan’s continues engagement – the trade and commerce

The real relief for a soldiers family is when the soldier returns home, not inside a casket, but alive in flesh and blood. In the event that a soldiers body returns home, no matter what the compensation is, the soldiers sacrifice can never be compensated.

While the fear mongers try to exploit the uncomfortable situation and the tense relationship between India and Pakistan for their political gains, sometimes by cancelling the cricket games, sometimes by threatening the cultural exchanges and sometimes calling for a total ban on everything – the reality is that the two countries have always had a continuous engagement.

As per the data available with the ministry of commerce and industry,  from 1999 up until now in 2016, India’s exports and imports have only been on the rise. Even during the kargil war, while the trade took a hit, it never stopped.

Consider this, India’s exports rose from $92 Million  in 1999 to $2 billion in 2016 and the imports from $57 million in 1999 to $441 million in 2016. From cotton to nuclear reactors to plastic to vegetables, the two countries exchange from the very basic to the sophisticated. But in all these years of conflict, the trade and commerce was never the bone of contention.


And just like how the trade and commerce never stopped, the interaction and the ordinary exchanges among the people between the two countries never stopped.


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